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‘Tottenham Will Be Feared In Champions League Round Of 16’- Jose Mourinho Boasts

Jose Mourinho insists Champions League opponents will want to avoid Tottenham in the last-16 draw on Monday, despite his side’s 3-1 group-stage defeat at Bayern Munich.
Spurs’ second-place position in Group B was already assured ahead of Wednesday night’s clash and Mourinho rested a number of key players for the trip to Germany, including Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Jan Vertonghen.
As a result, Mourinho was keen to underline he would not read too much into the loss to Bayern Munich but instead use the players’ performances to influence future team selections – and warned Spurs would be a far stronger proposition come the knockout phase in February.
“I think the teams that finished first they wish they don’t play against us,” Mourinho said.
“I think we’re one of the strongest teams from the second group.
“I know that we are a country that goes through a crazy period, which many, many times leaves marks on players, teams, on conditions, but by the end of February I understand my players better, they understand me better. We have two more months of work together and I think we’re going to be much more ready.
“But today wasn’t a question of being or not being ready. Today was the very difficult situation of playing a game and prepare [for] a game where you put more emphasis on the players that rest than on the players that play and the result you are fighting for.
“That’s very difficult and I try to hide from the players that feeling but the players are intelligent guys and they understand clearly my focus was not on today my focus is on what’s next.”
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